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Professional SEO services for businesses of any size

We know visibility is key: no matter the product or service. If customers can’t find their way to your website, they won’t be buying from you. That’s where our professional SEO services, specifically built to better your business’ reach, come in.
Our SEO consultants can find out how to draw more customers to your company, discover why your traffic may be declining, or optimise your pre-existing strategy to bring in extra business. We achieve improvement through our tried-and-true methodology, featuring key tasks such as:

In-depth keyword research

Growing your brand recognition can’t happen without keywords: and it’s important they’re relevant to your business. Whatever your customers are searching for, getting your business’ name to rank high in search rankings is a must if you want to increase your reach. That’s why our SEO experts assess the performance of your existing keywords, and research additional ones to fit your niche - because we’re a full service digital marketing agency.

Audit your pre-existing website and materials

When our trusted team of SEO experts starts work on rejuvenating your brand, we’ll make sure to examine what works - and get rid of anything that doesn’t. We focus on both client-facing aspects (a more direct reflection of your brand) as well as technical aspects to ensure your strategy is fine-tuned and performing as it should.

Search Engine Optimisation

On-page SEO performance

There’s more! Making sure every engine is firing, we complement your back-end SEO with top-quality on-page SEO. Our specialists ensure the best practises of search engines are always a priority, meaning that your ranking will grow and continue to climb. Our experts can also provide high-quality content with professional SEO to back it, making sure your customer’s experience isn’t compromised.

  • Content that search engines love that doesn’t impact user experience
  • Achieve topical authority in your niche
  • Internal linking & content funnels
SEO Services

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Many businesses don’t realise that the back-end of your website has an effect on search rankings: like good quality backlinks and meta tags to add even more SEO. Improve your site’s page speed by pruning broken links and other page errors, as well as optimising the performance of your web content. Search engines will reward you for having a professional quality website, which will also help your retention.

  • Pagespeed improvements
  • Weekly site crawls
  • 404 and broken link checks
Web Developer
Web Developer

SEO Content That Ranks

Make your business stand out from the rest. Your online presence is tied to the quality of your content. With thousands of businesses and millions of content pieces, you need to show what makes your business special. By working with Synergy, your business will be stocked with high-quality content created with SEO best practices in mind, while still being tailored to your audience.


Blog Content Creation

Quality content drives traffic, increases exposure, and boosts brand recognition. Our team of content writers will create content that achieves this goal, blending SEO driven content with great user experience.


Web Copy & Case Studies

With so many devices on the market, a one size fits all approach to content is no longer appropriate. Our specialist writers create high-quality web copy that converts, optimised for any device your customers might use. As your brand grows, you’ll want to highlight your value and success. Case studies accomplish both with ease, collating what makes your business great and giving your clients an opportunity to shout their experience to the world.


SEO Rich Content

Great content means nothing if your target audience doesn’t see it. With so many businesses building an online presence, knowing how to navigate the algorithmic landscape is key to distinguishing your business from the rest. With this in mind, our specialist team of writers will carefully craft content tailored to your audience.


Competitor & SERP Analysis

To find out how best to build up your brand visibility, our team will conduct extensive competitor and SERP analysis. We will examine the best performing websites for keywords suitable for your business, with a view to having you join them. Alongside this, we keep a close eye on your competition, understanding not only how they work, but how your industry works too. Knowing the state of your industry and those within it is essential to keeping ahead of the game.


Site Structure & Internal Linking

We won’t simply focus on external link building. Our team knows how important internal linking structure is to both audience retention and SEO. We will optimise your content to include a strong set of internal links, along with ensuring future content has link building baked into its core. The results of our SEO-oriented link building strategy are simple – an increase in awareness, traffic, and acquisitions.

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