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How To Remove A Background In Photoshop CC?

Table of Contents

How to remove a background in Photoshop CC and how challenging is it to complete the whole process? It basically depends on the picture and how good you want it to look. Anyone can do this task if they have some basic knowledge of Photoshop.

We know that Photoshop can do awesome things. The latest versions have some smart methods that let you remove backgrounds from photos easily.

In this tutorial, we will talk about how to remove a background in Photoshop CC by following 2 simple methods.

So, keep reading till the end of this blog post!

How to Remove a Background in Photoshop CC? [2 Easy Methods]

There are a lot of ways to remove an image background in Photoshop. But we are going to talk about the easiest two methods regarding how to remove a background in Photoshop CC. Let’s get started!

1st Method: [Using Quick Action]

Step#1: Open your Image file.

First of all, open your Photoshop application on your laptop or desktop. Then go to the Photoshop workspace. Click on the “File” tab and choose the “Open” option from the drop-down menu.

How To Remove Background Step 1

Now, pick out your image and press on the “open” button

Step 2

Step#2: Duplicate the Background Layer:

In this stage, you need to duplicate the background layer by pressing “Ctrl + J” together (Command + J for Mac users) or right-click on the background layer and then click on the “Duplicate Layer”.

Duplicate the Layer

Step#3: Open the “Properties” panel.

The Quick Action and the background remover options are located in the properties panel. So, go to the “Window” tab in the toolbar. Then select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.


Step#4: Click on the “Remove Background” Button.

A pop-up window named “Properties” will appear on your Photoshop interface. You may have to scroll down to see the section called “Quick Action.” If you can’t see any option under this section, just click the slight arrow to the left side to make the option point down.

Now, you will see a button labeled “Remove Background” and click on this button. It will take some moments to process. Wait for a moment! Just let Photoshop CC do its magic.

Remove Background

After processing the function, you will see a little white and dark mode layer 1 under the layer panel. See the below image:

Layer 1

Step#5: Choosing the “Select and Mask”

Now, you need to collapse the properties icon to work smoothly. Then go to the ‘Select” tab in the upper toolbar and choose “Select and Mask” from the drop-down menu.

Select and Mask

After that, you will see the advanced functions of the properties panel. If you want to add any function to your image file, you can do this.

Otherwise, keep scrolling down, and lastly choose your output path [For this tutorial purpose, I chose the “New Layer”] Then press on “OK” button.

New Layer

Output to New Layer

Step#6: Get the Final Output.

Now, look at the layer 1 copy under the layer panel. You will see that your image background has been removed. Congrats!

Then click on the eye icon individually for layer 1 and the background layer to notice your desired background removal action.

Background Layer

Background Removed

Step#7: Save your image:

In this stage, save your image file in “PNG format” to preserve the image’s transparency. Here is the final output given below:

Image  with Background Removed

2nd Method: [Using the Quick Selection Tool]

Step#1: Open your photo

How To Remove Background Step 1

Now, select your photo file and click on “Open”

Step 2

Step#2 Duplicate the layer.

In this step, you have to duplicate the background layer by pressing the combination keys: “Ctrl + J” [“Command + J” for macOS users]. Or just right-click on the background layer and then select the “Duplicate Layer” option.

Duplicate the Layer

Step 3: Choose the Quick Selection Tool.

Select the “Quick Selection Tool” from the toolbar on your left-hand side interface. If the tool isn’t on top in the toolbar, then simply right-click and choose the tool from the dropdown menu.

Quick Selection Tool

Step 4: Select Subject.

After activating the “Quick Selection Tool”, one of the fastest ways to get a start is to click on the “Select Subject” button at the top interface.

After clicking on the Select Subject, it will take some seconds to process the function properly. See the below images:

Remove Background in Photoshop

Image Select

Step 5: Make a Layer with the Selection.

Once you’re satisfied with the selection, just right-click within it and Choose the “Layer Via Copy” option from the dropdown menu.

Layer via Copy

Now, you will see that Photoshop has created a new layer (Layer 2) with only the selected portion of the photo.

Layer 2

At first, you may assume that nothing happens. But it’s Photoshop magic! Simply go to the layer’s panel.

To make the image background disappear, you have to click the eye icon on the left side of both “layer 1” and the “background layer” to deactivate icons.

Now, the new layer (Layer 2) with only the selected parts will appear. Congrats!

Background Removed in Photoshop

Step#6: Save your image:

Save your final image in PNG format. To do this, click on the “File” tab. Then choose the “Export” and “Quick Export as PNG” options separately from the drop-down menu.

Export Final Image

Now, rename the image file name as you like and press the “Save” button.

Rename Final Image

Wrapping Up – How to Remove a Background in Photoshop CC:

In a nutshell, Photoshop CC gives you numerous ways to remove a background from a picture with varying accuracy. Therefore, the Quick Action or Quick Selection tool will be a lifesaver if you use it properly. It will save you from hours of tedious work in Photoshop. Did you find these methods useful? Test them out and please share your feedback in the comment below! Thanks for reading!