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Site Search Report

How To Setup A Site Search Report In GA4 [An Easy 7-Step Guide]

GA4 (Google Analytics 4) site search tracking can show you search terms that visitors type in your site’s search box. That’s why a site search report in GA4 will help…

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How To Remove A Background In Photoshop

How To Remove A Background In Photoshop CC?

How to remove a background in Photoshop CC and how challenging is it to complete the whole process? It basically depends on the picture and how good you want it…

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Google Search

What Is Search Intent & Why Is It Vital for Your SEO?

Every business owner will understand the importance of SEO and how it can funnel traffic to your site. It helps you close more sales and boost profit margins. But while…

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Search Engine

How to Track & Measure Your Website’s SEO Performance

In today’s global marketplace, you can enjoy access to a greater audience than ever before. Unfortunately, you’ll also face the fiercest competition in the history of commerce. For that reason,…

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